Dear R:

I was going to write this to R., but I think it’s more to ‘readers.’

I mean, readers as in people who are there, reading this.

Reading regularly ?

Not even known to me but perhaps there, reading. Curious and wondering.

I want to write to you. I’ll keep it simple. I’ll keep it short.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you for connecting.

Really. It’s cool.

Thank you for engaging, at times, when you do.

I understand it’s not the easiest thing to do to get in touch with me, someone from ‘the internet’, because, sheesh, what does that even mean. [Bunch of stuff deleted]


Writing for connexion

Occasionally I write in the e-mag-making work that is what I do every week at this other site. It’s called S P C. I am building a virtual community, I think. Slowly and one invitation at a time. Not easy. But good.

This coming Tuesday, I’ll share S P C | *Secret Location*, ‘Expanding Windows.’

Issue #64 of S P C

I’ve gotten to enjoy a lot of time to myself lately to pull this one important issue together. It contains three pages of new questions for self-reflection, since I’m going to be using some of those through the duration of my 1.5-hour lecture tomorrow.

Lecture, yes. I said that.

I guess I’m still trying to get used to the idea of it.

Me, on stage, and all that.

I have not really… wanted to… do that, and yet, and yet.

It’s almost, for me, more natural than writing. The stage, I mean.

It comes naturally to me.

Being there, talking. In person. In… life.

Wish me luck!, thank you again. And more in the books, I think, to come. I’ve got a few titles in the works and I feel really good about 2 of them. Two is pretty good, right? Two is like, way more than 0.


Now I think… I really will write to R.

Off I go…

But first, a link to where you can get this issue of S P C.

Here it is.