Kismuth is set to publish in December a fresh new story from Dipika Kohli.

Jump the Fork is a ten-years-in-the-making story about how it feels to have veered so far off course for so long that going ‘home’ has become a vague concept. Ten years in Southeast Asia, based primarily in Phnom Penh, have changed the author’s perspectives on values, the meaning of relationships, history, culture, and work. It’s a short book that focuses on one story: the moment that changed the game, for the author, in Gangtok, 2013.

‘Leap and a net will appear, they say. But, will it?’

Jump the Fork says yes.

More about the story is further outlined at this page of the author’s personal site.

HOW TO GET THE BOOK. Get the eBook at the crowdfunding page for S P A C E

EVENTS. Also see Jump the Fork-related events in Phnom Penh. If you are in that city, you can join any real life event in December (dates forthcoming) to meet the author and hear the readings in person from Jump the Fork. These events will take place at venues around the city (to be announced). Tickets are free with the purchase of a book: order it by making a USD15 donation to the #spacethezine page. Here is a link.

Kismuth will send it to you directly by email, from there.


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November 20, 2023