Step a Little Closer

The title of this book is inspired by a series of very improvised, on-the-spot conversations with probably the most creative person I have met in the last decade. (The reason I can’t mention this person by name is because of a lot of things, including, well, let me skip all that, and say, mostly the reason is because we no longer talk, yet, I still can’t put aside the feeling of being completely floored by the things that moved me, quite, when we discovered together the Art of Designing the Magic Moment.

I had a checklist in my back pocket, I remember this. I said, ‘I’ve got a checklist. Seven things you need to design a high-quality magic moment, the aesthetic moment!, to *happen*’. Before I finished the sentence I already was unfolding the paper. It had so many things on it, things that related directly to what I had observed that you had to do in order to make it work. (The next six years, I would be making S P A C E to apply that exact checklist to real life ‘installations’, in which people I did not know could meet me and others, and connect, meaningfully not trivially for yeah, the ‘magic moment’. I designed a lot of conversation salons (Beauty, Ennui, Math + Jazz, to name a few) and more heady things that even I myself did not understand (haha). I do like making a good party, though. But over the years I’m also acutely aware of the fact that a good party isn’t something you put a lot of money into, or over style, or over-plan.

You just have to know the things on the checklist. Then, after a while, these things happen automatically, and you get right into it. I’m kind of into it, these days. In this book, a collection of such moments of high-quality connection with people I met in Bangkok over the five years after that checklist got made, I’ve recorded the conversations and what I felt they meant—not just to me, but to a wider, discerning, and highly curious set of people who, like me, might like to just know.

Step a Little Closer was the phrase that felt right for this book, because it came directly out of those 2014 conversations on the other side of the world that set it up, for me. The going to Thailand int eh first place, to see what I might be able to dream up, and orchestrate… but with the feeling of wanting to invite, to engage, and to discover. Together. (In other words, the very stuff of Atelier S P A C E, a different project, which resulted in S P A C E the JOURNEY, currently in progress is that collection)…

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