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Final stretch for me, this weekend, as I put the finishing edits onto this.

Thanks to those who pre-ordered ! I really appreciate that. End of the Rainbow will arrive to your inbox on September 15.

Let me tell you about this part of the process. The part, namely, when you reach the final stretch. In baseball, it’s that ‘home stretch,’ and everyone who knows me well knows I’m a baseball person. Or used to be. Now that I’ve been in Asia for seven years I sort of lost interest in baseball, and mom and apple pie, all together. Lots of changes, lots of journeys. I talk about that a lot in generalities but it’s in the real-time and real-life conversations with really good friends that I feel comfortable enough to elaborate. Or, of course, the chance encounter. A casual meet up on a train, say, or something, well, back in those days when you could do that easily, like, just, up and go somewhere… I’m thinking about the train that took me from northern Italy to Denmark, that time, that one time, and I met people, and talked to them, and we didn’t have smartphones in those days and, and, oh, yeah, well, I still don’t have one…

‘Follow the line’

Going. Going and seeing. Just back from a city wander. Nice night. Relaxing.

The story is getting revised, and here is the work of it all coming together to produce a kind of, um, value. The value is having gone through all that processing. I typed a lot of notes into the machine here and threw away pages and pages of handwritten jazz that was pre-writing. All of it was pre-writing and now the things in my different digital folders are getting revised, refined, ordered.

Isn’t this the point of witting?

Figuring out what you are telling yourself?

I think so.

And then, sharing it, too, with those you don’t even really know, or some you did, or do, or could, or might, or still yet may. A lot.

Of tenses, here.

Tensely, I rewind to the beginning; when it was staring to make a shape… I was going to write a thing about Ireland… about how it’s been twenty years since that time of my life’s since those events of leaving the United States for… what… green and rainbows and song and who-knew-what. Why not. Go. See. Learn and discover.

it’s this last part where all the pieces start to finally go into the right attitudes. I know, ‘attitudes,’ a funny way to put it, I agree, if you are saying that, but why not? Let’s just try it. After all, that has been the style and journey, all these years, for me, ever since the time I was… well… sixteen…

I’m kind of starting to revert to that era, now… it’s a long story… one to share in person, but only with a few… well, maybe not even that…

Some stories are better left unshared except between the people who were there, and taking part.

That is the new thing. And you, how are you ?

Keeping in touch (but not really)

Sending this out as if a message, in a bottle. Those who have my new address?, send me a note sometime.


This post is for V, who has inspired me a lot… mostly, to just write like I write. (Ergo, the above.) If you used to read my notes, emails, handwritten letters, conversations in S P A C E, e-zines, newspaper stories when I was doing those, essays that got published hither and tither because that was natural and prizes were given to students who did these things, or, or… what else… poetry? If you are someone who knows my words and maybe has missed the unedited version of how I am, and talk, and write, and share, then you should know it’s thanks to these recent learnings, and exchanges with V., that I’m back. Writing like D writes. Usually fast, and occasionally without line breaks or sentences that end. That’s just me. How I do it. Now I’m back. Doing it all, like this, as if I’m a kid, again.