Book Club | ‘Breakfast in Cambodia’


'Her writing is almost poetic.' -Reviewer on Amazon Kindle Join a virtual conversation to meet other writers/readers, and share your questions and comments about Kismuth's books. October's Book Club selection is Dipika Kohli's Breakfast in Cambodia, which is set in Phnom Penh.  We'll discuss it for 40 minutes in a Zoom voice call. To book your spot, […]


Zine Launch

After much anticipation on the part of Kismuth, we're ready to announce that the zines from the collections 'Lands on the Moon' are ready to share in real life. This will be at a zine party set to take place at a secret venue in Phnom Penh. The idea is to keep an atmosphere of […]


4 November | The Mirror


An 8- or 12-week asynchronous reflection workshop, for those who may be on the road or stopping by Phnom Penh.

USD160 – USD225

15-18 November | Kismuth Writers’ Residency

Kismuth invites up to 4 people who are interested in engaging in the creative process to join us in Phnom Penh for a conversation-led residency. You'll have the chance to focus on a project of your own design in a structured 3-day experiential learning framework. It is designed and hosted by Dipika Kohli. Discover new […]


Jump the Fork

Book reading. In person in Phnom Penh. Tickets are USD15 and come with the eBook, Jump the Fork.  This event will take place on December 2, 4, 8, and 20. Rotating venues in BKK1, TTP, TK, Koh Pich, and BKK3.


An Ecology of the Moment


Atelier S P A C E | Virtual Be part of the S P A C E-making editorial conversation. It's fun, light, and informal. See how it all works, in real-time, interactive, hands-on zinemaking sessions. Choose any three Tuesdays in December or January to be part of making the series, S P A C E […]


Make a Zine with Atelier S P A C E


Join us for a fun and creative online event where you can learn how to make your own zine! Atelier S P A C E, a renowned creative studio, will guide you through the process of designing and crafting a unique zine from scratch. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, this event is […]




Where are you, what's working well, what's in balance and where do you think there are areas to move the dials so you feel more 'well.' Let's talk about the concept of balance. This was a great conversation salon in the past, and worked out into a series. Feeling in balance. Feeling good. Let's discuss […]