What if you could talk to the same people every month, to check in, catch up, and share new stories? Kind of a third place, where it’s not work, and it’s not home. Nor is it hte kind of obligatory ‘group’ that may look like a religious organization’s regulars, or a clique you are part of somehow, or any of a million ‘like-minded’-seeking individuals. These are silos. They are boring, to me.

I like the new.

The input, the freshness, and the conversations; sometimes new people come into my day, and I invite them to participate in the next one of these sessions.

Every month, I have a conversation in over a zoom call in virtual space. This includes a handful of people. People who choose to opt in. People who like the idea of regularly-occurring ‘events’ that feel more like conversations. No agenda. No rules except of course, please be kind.¬†There are no other things to do when we get there except show up and talk. I host this in my way, which involves Open Space methods and sometimes appreciative inquiry. Just depends on the group.

The series is called ‘Expanding Windows.’

Dates change but it’s kind of monthly-ish, now. The group continues to grow and mature, and topics are getting more sophisticated now. No smalltalk as we get more developed in the range of things that we can converse about. Deeply not superficially. I left FB and I hardly use any social media outside of LinkedIn, now. It’s a choice. I focus on fewer things, things I know I like, to make things that I know the people I invite and who choose to take part will also like, or so I hope. It’s usually the case now. I’ve been doing this for some time..

The idea of discovering, connecting, and then continuing to build on what was found out in each session is what this project is about. I’m looking forward to the next one. Here is a link to the registration page. The cost to participate is USD40. There is a maximum number of guests: 3. I like the small circles best, because they feel the coziest. There are different parallel circles when we have more than 3. It’s fun, light, informal.


Reviews of my events are at my personal site. See dipikakohli.com


October 21, 2023