That’s the name of this edition of S P A C E.

I have been thinking about that theme of ‘awayness’ for, well, since March 2020 when it became impossible to exit Vietnam reasonably safely, in a way that wasn’t risky, in all the various ways, and so I stayed put. And still. Have been. In here. I’ve started saying ‘in here’ instead of just ‘here.’ Adding the kinds of words that remind me I’m picking it up–

My joke today was awesome. I made a joke. In Vietnamese. It made my day to finally be able to be like the old me and crack a silly joke, here and there, with a brother and sister of middle age or slightly more than that. I felt fine, light, and ‘on the road’-ish. But also… at peace with making this place, for this time, also part of my experiences of what it is to stay still, and be. At one kind of new ‘home.’ The longer you’re there the less ‘away’ it feels.

To the journeys, then, lads.

Off we go.

# # # #

June 14, 2021