Flight of Pisces

It’s a big day for me, here.

I’ve been rewriting. A lot.

Know what? ‘Writing is all rewriting’ is one of the first things I heard about this profession, and it’s really quite true. You can’t just start and go in a line and get to the end, like it’s a ‘percentage complete’ kind of thing. You have to dig and write and find, and so, at least, that’s how it works for me. I’m a fan of what’s called ‘discovery writing.’

This is how I do it. This is how I make.


Reflecting on the journeys since… 1999

Which is why, from time to time, it makes a lot of sense to go through the old stacks of papers, notes, and even digital archives. Eventually, if you’re present and paying attention, you just ‘see’ what it is. It’s not important to package that into soundbites that are clever and ‘hot’, I feel. It’s not so much about trying to over-articulate it so other people ‘see’ what you see. (Because if they’re thinking people, they will have their own original ‘takes’ and that, of course, is why I feel like writing anyway. I want to hear that other perspective. To ask, ‘What does this say to you?’ And from there, start a fresh conversation. That might take us… elsewhere.)

What you discover from Kismuth, for me, is the point of writing here.

Personally, writing and traveling and building relationships over time are important for the same reason. We learn as we go. We see something new, if we’re paying attention and not getting too distracted by things that don’t matter. When we find the threads, then we can share. Through our works if we are inclined that way. And many of my friends are. Meantime, I’m happy that I’ve gotten the hang of what this one story is about, and while I want to talk about it, and a lot!, I will refrain from doing so here because the point, for me, is not to explain.

The point is to write it in a way that you get to have your own experience of it. Isn’t that the work of art? To invite you to decide what it means to you, if there’s resonance, that is?

Too many people want me to spoon-feed this stuff to them. I’m simply not interested.

My kind of people can form their own opinions.

That’s why I write: for the forthcoming exchange. The people who will enjoy this kind of banter in the cloud (more and more internet these days), that’s who I write for.

I’m ready, now that I see clearly what fits in a trajectory of ‘this is __.’ You know, I have resisted for so long that idea of explaining things. I have been averse to describe in detail the ‘who what where when and why,’ and even more reticent to try to ‘sell it to me?’

No. I’m not going to sell it to you.

Nor will I outline it for you.

Because what it is is… developing. A work in progress is like that. You don’t want to talk too much about it. You just want to let it become what it wants to become. I’m nearly there, all over again, with one of the things I’m writing that, well, if I’m more clear, I’m re-writing. Actually I’m re-writing the rewrite that I published in 2012 on Kindle and then quickly removed because I realized I was getting carried away with the e-publishing thing and how simple it is and forgetting that the point is to tell the story that wants to be told. For that, I needed time. Eight years later, here we are. I think it’s done now.

Especially given the context of all the writing and learning ever since. Ask me about ‘Space the Journey’ if we cross paths sometime in real life. Jeez, it’s a lot of everything.

Flight of Pisces, the ‘Space the Journey’ edition

Soon, this month actually, I’ll re-publish something that is near and dear to my heart. The first book I ever wrote. It’s called, Flight of Pisces.  Not sure how long I’ll have it live in the store. It’s one of those things I like to share some of the time but not all of the time, and if you catch this window of opportunity, cool. In the meantime I’ll get to work on whatever item I’ll decide to swap it out for, when the time comes for that. See how it works now? Ephemerality is my beat here at Kismuth, along The Way.