Wow. I haven’t been blogging here for a while. I think I got distracted with the zines. The zines at S P A C E. They are winding to a natural stopping point, however, owing to seasons and 12-set themed blocks (in my mind, I guess, it’s not obvious to most people how I outline my things, but okay). And here I am, again. I have a lot of things to catch up on here and I’m going to roll out a couple of new things, at a very different sort of site, too. Well, it’s not that different but I need to stop having so many outlines in my head and be better about communicating the *what* of things I make. At Kismuth, I’ve always enjoyed conversation here with 1:many, like you, there, reading. I noticed that I met some people through this very blog, when I first started it as a site, which, honestly, I have no idea how it worked out but I felt lucky to know that the words were reaching people. Reaching you in some important way and we connected, through the comments, sometimes, and then, as I got more comfortable, I invited people to join the online thing, the Cojournal, which has changed in millionths and also, exponentially, because we change and grow as we go, no matter what we do. Becoming aware of these increments, however, and noticing when we are making progress… I think that’s what Kismuth celebrates. The beauty of right here, right now. In the quiet places. I will come back now to this blog and blog these kinds of things. Up next, I have no idea. Because, right. Right now, is where I am. 

Can you dig it?

Cool. Comments are open, for a bit. Say hi:)

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May 27, 2021