History of Cojournaling

HISTORY OF A COMMUNITY. Kismuth was the place where I started the first Cojournal, in 2014, at a time when I was just learning how to bring people together virtually for conversations. HT EM, EJ, BH, MH, CE and LRP, who were among our guests in those days. Later others joined me for themed, short-run programs online. Some of my favorites were: Slow Moment, A Nomadic Existence, and The Mirror. SELF was a real life experiential program that I delivered twice: once at a university in Palo Alto, and once at a library in Bangkok. So cool.

CHORDS ACROSS A CIRCLE. Right from the start my intention was to mix things and gather perspectives around the world, not just top-cown, hierarchical style, but N:N as SG had grokked it, and put it, so nicely. N:N. Yes. No need to see each other; we can invent ourselves through expressions. I encouraged creativity, and pen names, too. Some people didn’t ilke my email-only mechanics because of unwieldy threads; but I had no intention to add too many features or make a Slack. The space was meant to be a simple spot for connecting, and conversing, with new and different others. Without agenda or obligatin. So I stuck with simple tools like email. (Now, we have Interactive Papers.)

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