It takes time to work up to it, but here I am, again. Writing into the void, the aether, the space that is always there, if I want to write into it. And wonder if goodness knows, if anyone is ever going to take me up on any of my 54,590 email invitations. Which, admittedly I myself have lost interest in. I learned so much these last few months, mostly on my own, and mostly, wandering. I read, I wrote, and I even journaled. Notably, I did not blog. I did not do that much email. I also continued to write things but more specific things than just these things here. I wrote zines. With some friends, even. In S P A C E. And now it’s time to try something new. Let’s see how it all works out.

HT RS, IK and F.

#trusttheprocess #projectepicurus #spacethejourney #relationalart

November 11, 2019