‘I’m not traveling’

I started sharing the things I know about design, brand identity design, and design thinking through some short courses last week, small circles. It’s going well, so we’re continuing this week with a few new ventures. Some people, about two dozen, whom I’ve met in real life and who, at one point, knew me personally because of sharing time together in 3D, are getting invited to those.

But it’s difficult to share about with ‘the big wide internet,’ without sounding cheesy because you really have to know me to know that I’m not just saying all this, that I actually am this kind of a person who makes things happen, and stuff, and so I guess… I guess I’m posting here to, uh… to share about it with the big wide internet, anyway, heh. Reason why is because I do meet people through this blog, too. (HT LRP, JP… thank you both for being part of CJP in 2014). Occasionally, and that’s amazing, too, because… it’s a blog, right? But yeah. I’m rambling, huh. I guess I should just talk about why I do what I do and not write too much about these mixtures of feelings behind how people perceive it.

Because the jam is my jam. Making up courses, sharing about them, writing the eBooks, discussing the ideas, and thinking up ideas for themes and hosting salons in real life are how I gather people. To talk. Together. Meaningfully, not trivially. Because I care about substance and depth. These things have nothing to do with ‘travel blogging.’ So yeah. I have to lay it out there and clarify what Kismuth isn’t. To get my head around that idea, in a short letter to SS, I wrote the following…

‘I’m not “traveling”‘

I’m not ‘traveling.’ This is my reality. I move and I find gigs, and I’ve been doing it since Seattle in 2006 when I started DK. I’ve freelanced near and far, mostly with A. since we did DK together for so long. Now we are just DK based in Cambodia. I move around when there are gigs…  [deleted] as a ‘traveller’ or ‘travel writer’ is something I think should clarify here. [deleted]… my own personal experiences of moving, changing and also, changing the people I meet along the way, too. Through conversation. And story.

[Little side story here. I’ll put it in the next issue of S P A C E… More about S P A C E and the short courses I mentioned is detailed at this crowdfunding page, Checkit. Cool.