Good morning from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I sent the weekly note out on Tuesday this week to members of the S P A C E the e-mag community. It’s been nice to change things up a bit in recent weeks. A shift towards long-form, and themed, conversations in the community. For the summer, our theme is Design. Naturally. It’s kind of my thing, at DK, or Design Kompany, nicknamed ‘DK’ right from the get-go, kind of, in 2005. Time to revisit ‘design’ but more from a theoretical or just observational angle; writing about it. And feeling the feelings of writing about it, as I go. [deleted]..  It’s exciting to carry forward with the Summer of Design.

‘Sophisticated, modern, classic, timeless..’

I have so many things to say about the things I see around me with how people do their design now, and show their work or products or services. It seems very much about grabbing attention or buying ‘likes’ and those things, to me, are pointless. I feel like the formula is very simple. It’s: Just be good. So yeah. Talking about design, making new kinds of writing, experimenting with the form given attention is the new currency of our era, and more conversationally, chatting about the virus (fourth wave) here in Vietnam, and how things are unfolding (predictably, quite under control, is my feeling, and seems like the numbers are not going up and up and up, so that means, they’ve got this. As usual.) Added: Last June I wrote you from the same city I find myself in now, only it was to lament and fumble. Sure, that’s part of the creative process, but sometimes, you fumble enough that you find quite by accident a golden thread. And following it, find something… new. Cocreate with us if you like, our summer series is Design.

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Comments are open for a bit. Ask me anything. I’m recalling the times I got to know people simply through this blog and keeping it up, in the 2014-ish era. (Thank you JP, LRP, for example, and a few others (you know who you are). People whom I’m yet to meet in real life, but recall our conversations online with real warmth. F, for example. To be continued!..)


June 3, 2021