It was on a hotel lobby’s shared computers, that happened to have Illustrator loaded onto them, that I first made this image:


DK / Bangkok 2014

Was 2014. Was in Bangkok. Was a long, long road, since then. The concept, however, for connecting people from new and different backgrounds in something called S P A C E, which I didn’t have a name for back then, but today I do (S P A C E, like), well yeah. That was born out of this image.

And today the evolutions since have led to new things, new openings, new doors that open other doors. I need to really thank E. for this last last door. Thank him for asking me the big question that until then, I realized, no one in my community had ever asked me. Or wanted to, I think. Or maybe it was just cool to meet in person in real life organically without all the trappings and expectations that the internet jumbles us up with, when we don’t know each other. I like fresh pages. First steps. New programs. But also, I like to build on what I’ve learned from previous versions. What’s next is kind of like the above, but a version 5.5, or something.

So that might be why. Why, I mean, why I’m doing ‘AoTM.’ Over at DK: it’s this.

This post is for E. 

#tothejourneys #grazie

October 28, 2019