I’ve been talking to a few people online today and this past weekend about journaling. How it’s different from writing for publication. It’s just journaling, not drafting something or formulating ideas or getting something into a shape for others to read. You know, it’s different. It’s not writing. It’s journaling. See, let me see. How can I…  Well. This article seems like… a good explanation. Here, I’ll put some highlights here.

According to VeryWellMind, the health benefits of journaling have been scientifically proven.

They say research shows that:

‘Journaling doesn’t release tension from your body like progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, and other physical and meditative techniques, however. But it’s a great practice for overall stress reduction as well as self-knowledge and emotional healing. Journaling is a highly effective tool for stress relief…’

For me, it’s the Cojournal.

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August 4, 2021