As much as I like writing in solitude, sometimes it’s fun to have accountability partners. There are a handful of people, and interestingly, they are all in very different cultural contexts, in exactly three points on the globe, who, thankfully, I know I can always reach out to if I’m in a pinch or just curious and we have that accountability vibe thing going.

These are folks that I know I can ask, ‘Hey what do you think about this thing I just wrote?’ and very likely hear back within a day or two. This back-and-forth is reminiscent of pre-internet dialogues where the time between replies is almost instant like you’re talking, face to face. I missed that and I’ve also enjoyed having the digital version with my handful of writing friends in the cloud. It means that we can keep building and sharing over the years (yes, years, now, it’s been 4 in one case and 9 in another), to see how we’re growing and changing. I did try some short-burst online cojournaling projects because I got some feedback in 2018 that this would be handy, but honestly, I like the long-term relationships much, much more. Go figure.

But everything starts somewhere, and it’s usually: the invitation. Here are some start dates for July cojournaling:

I’m glad to be doing this again. It was 2014 when I first started emailing writing prompts to those who were interested in writing together with me and up to 2 other people in very small circles. We wrote, we wrote back to each other.

There was a conviviality.

If you want to experience it, I have already arranged the writing prompts and we are on our way with the first cohort.

My hope is that those who show up to share and write will care about tracing an arc of developing over some period of time. It’s up to you how long you want to be part of it, the fees are weekly, so we just go and then we go and you can join as long as I’m still going, or leave when you feel ready.

New cohorts are scheduled to start on the days highlighted above. So, Wednesdays, primarily, in July. Be a part of it. Application required. Find out more at this link:


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July start dates for the Cojournal