Dipika Kohli


Kismuth Books is a project of Dipika Kohli. She published the first book in the Kismuth series, The Elopement, in 2012. Others have included The Dive, Kanishka, and Breakfast in CambodiaEach book in the series asks, ‘What about if?’

Kohli runs Kismuth Books alongside a design studio and ad hoc projects under Atelier S P A C E through her personal site, dipikakohli.com, too. There is no agenda for her writings other than to ask big questions, query into the unknown and invite other people to wonder and wander, too. She is based in Phnom Penh.


Writer’s Residencies


Metaphysics, metaphilosophy

Kohli has given a TEDx talk that’s called ‘There’s Not That Much Time Left’. Like Kismuth’s books, the heart of the talk was to invite people to think critically about how they spend their days, which of course add up to become their lives. ‘Pindrop silence’, was the review Kohli heard afterwards. Find it at: dipikakohli.com/talks.