Kismuth means ‘destiny’

I’m in Vietnam.

The past week we were having these enormous and blustering storms.

I wrote this, then:

So, it’s a very rainy day here. With my great wifi connection these days, I’ve been happily catching up with a few here and there in Seattle, or North Carolina, and even West Cork. So great. So many places, so many ‘homes’ in my life, so far. I’ve been exploring this. Maybe home isn’t a place, after all… that idea is the first part of the premise of a new eBook I’m in the middle of writing right now. It’s called End of the Rainbow. It is set here. Rain… So yeah. Writing and also stuck with it… but that’s part of the process, isn’t it. Enjoying it. ;)

I want to get closer to the real, being-here story. Really tell it well. Part of the reason I’m focusing on Vietnam this time is because I love where I am, and many people have been kind to me (well not all of them) and also, something cool just happened, too. Which, um. Is so personal! So, I will put it into this book. Pre-order: End of the Rainbow

Parabolas, quadratic equations, /// & the art..

To the journeys !