I’m ready. I’ll talk about this today in the Cojournal Project new space (that those of you who are wondering about it maybe missed the email with the Orientation Packet… did you get it? I’ll check back by email with you all individually this week, to make sure. Welcome, by the way. To the 2021 edition of Cojournaling, which, perhaps, may feed into S P A C E. Just depends on if we feel like it, together. It’s a thing that has to be a mutual idea you know what I mean? I don’t really just want anybody to be in S P A C E. I want to be with people I like to be with. Who get it. And don’t push you around the way that [deleted] toxic work environments that people just simply put up with for some reason but I guess it has to do with validation-seeking and [deleted] which is why. But yeah. That’s the thing. It’ll definitely be touched on, I’m sure, in the 3-volume set ‘Decolonization’ with my friends there in the Papers project… which was 2020’s moment… [deleted] cool, thanks, lads, and yeah, I mean, really. Cancel that.)

So far, so good. Papers | Cojournal is now a group on LinkedIn so I can update those who want updates. No more emmaaaiiiilllll.

… and it’s been going in this format since May 2020. A few people took a chance with me and I appreciate that a lot. That’s because they trust me to make something worth their time, I suppose, based on our real life interactions. Usually I meet people in real life first. Then we get to talking. Then we get to really talking. Then… if I feel like it, I tell them about these projects and we take it from there. Step. By. Step.

If we want to.


Continuations and the variations thereof

A lesson I learned just this week. Amazing. Teachers can be… anywhere. I got lucky, finding him. Long story. … [deleted]… and yeah. It talks about this. I’m just going to follow up on email with everyone; that’s the simplest and most direct way to keep in communication that matters. I also started a messenger thing and would you believe it a LinkedIn profile and a group there for Cojournal information to come. If you are just Cojournal-curious you can request to be added to it. Just search for me and you’ll see it on the side there where the spy machine tells you what groups I’m in. Weird.

I have been off LinkedIn for more than a decade. I really wasn’t missing much. But: I’m back. It’s only because of one small circle’s interest in writing in that space, versus emails that can get cumbersome, and I support that. So, yeah, I went and made a new profile there. This was to listen to my circles of friends and writer-collaborators very closely and try to adapt and adjust to how they want to communicate together. Now. Now I do that. Before it was like, email only. But email as MM once said, is for work: ‘I just use email to do work. And buy flight tickets.’ I wonder what happened to M. after we parted ways. These things happen. They often happen to road-bound people like myself.


Something has changed.

What? What did you find out, Dipika? Why should I tell just anyone reading this blog, for goodness sakes. If it’s my mother OMG. Definitely don’t tell anything important to her. Basic rule for those of us who survived narcissistic parents, lol. Something M_ told me on the airplane… Wonder how he is doing… Hm. Naturally, then, I will not tell just anybody, of course, the important and intriguing observations that matter to me most. Why should I? These people will just protest them and make you tired. I have met so many of that type of personality, OMG, and I’m so, so over them. Reserving the best-of writings from Kismuth for just a few. A closed-circle set of small circles of Cojournaling and S P A C E.

It’s my party. I can do whatever I want.

More: http://chuffed.org/project/spacethezine

PS [deleted], this means, goodbye. I’m so, so happy to let go.

# # # # # # # # #

February 16, 2021