Mirror 2022

Welcome, and welcome back.

‘The Mirror’ welcomes you.

This is a conversation space. It is designed to be a four-to-four 1:1 conversation and we use email. (I know, email, but still, it keeps it very straighforward—just email. ‘Backwards innovating’, we return to our 2014 format.)

People have taken part since 2014 in versions of this project, which is designed to invite new and different others to converse, and connect. Meaningfully, not trivially. There are lot of things to say about why DK does this, and why Kismuth x DK are part of this large-scale movement to help people make spaces to slow down and consider what’s going on around them. Mostly, it has to do with

I’ll design the syllabus based on inputs from your application. All new prompts. All new conversations. See what it is, when you apply.

  • Apply here.
  • If selected, I will then invite you to register. The registration page is this: https://gum.co/themirror
  • An 8- or 12-week short course for those looking to do some reflection, and writing. It’s a 1:1 conversation, 100% email correspondence, with your host, Dipika Kohli.