A new series of writing prompts is coming up. Its theme is ‘safekeep’.

It’s not too late to join this conversation, which is interactive. Apply here.



This word, or a variation of the idea, has been recurring in conversations online and I wanted to focus on an 8- or 12-week conversation with the people who have been interested in discussions around it. In the online workshop I host every so often when a theme emerges.

The workshop is called The Mirror.

I’ve been hosting it semi-regularly since 2017.


2020’s Mirror was ‘Interactive Papers’

Maybe for allowing people some room to discover, through the art that I have chosen for myself which is journaling, what it is they feel internally and how they can communicate more closely with themselves.

Naturally there are plenty of people doing this online everywhere, but my way is… well, my way. Kismuth is for me a way to try various experiments in writing from the heart. Being an engineer by training, I like processes. The design intent is emergence: we talk about what’s coming up, as it does. The writing prompts are crafted each week, based on what those of you who take part are sharing. It’s like that. Interactive. confidential and everything gets deleted, at the end of the 8- or 12-week set. It’s USD160 for either option.

You can start by applying to see what you think.

For the next Mirror, you can apply.

More from there, if it’s a fit.


Mirror | ‘Safekeep’