Jigme N. Kazi, an editor and author in Sikkim whom I was impressed and challenged by when I was in Gangtok, in recent days wrote on his blog this…

We know and are deeply aware that the odds are great. The agents of division and disunity are working overtime and are actively at work for their vested interests. There is no better and effective way to frustrate their evil designs then for all of us to join hands and mobilize people power to fight against money power.

Let this hour of crisis and confusion herald the dawn of a new era in Sikkim politics.

Let us all resolve to stand firm, resolute and maintain our self-respect and dignity, unity and fight on.

Let those who make tall promises and yet relentlessly pursue their hidden agenda know that we are able and determined to pay any price and bear any burden to safeguard the unity and identity of the Sikkimese people…

We shall fight in the Assembly. We shall fight in the Parliament. We shall fight in the Court and in the Press. And if need be, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets. Wherever we are, whatever we do, we shall fight. We shall never surrender. Never.

Jigme N. Kazi

# # # #

November 14, 2019