Modern Fiction

IT IS THE NEXT THING. It is a work of modern fiction. It is coming together, here, behind the scenes. I am always interested to discover more people interested in things I care about.

Science fiction, philosophy, the artful moment, the heart of relationships and the aesthetics therein. This one’s set in Copenhagen, largely, and somewhere else that I have spent time in, and I can’t oververbalize it right now but if you are here, and you would like to be part of making this happen, because some people at Kismuth are actually amazing people who read a lot of things I write and share and even buy my eBooks here and sometimes participate in the wild ideas of writing together that, hey, come out of nowhere. Then yes.

There is a way to be part of making this new book happen, and if you want to hear about it, I invite you to email me through the form at DK’s page, here, or if you would like to be an anonymous supporter of the making of things here at Kismuth including this next book, I welcome you to make a donation through PayPal. I haven’t set that up yet, quite, but you can find the other donation buttons that work at the bottom of the 16N project page, and that’ll get to DK LLC. Go here.

Many thanks.

Watch this space. :)