New arrivals

Following the line, I’m here. Where I am. This point in time. No future point, no past point, just this one. Here, now. Talked about this today at length and wistfully, in a place that I never imagined I’d be, ever, in my life, and it felt like walking through another person’s storybook. It was magic. This isn’t going to be in the story, End of the Rainbow, because this is the beginning of whatever comes after that. I finished EotR.

The ending just made itself. That sometimes happens, too.

One step at a time

You go around and around the world, step, by step, and you come to rest, at times, at specific moments. These are philosophical ones for me, not physical ones. Epiphanies? No, that implies something is ‘determined.’ There is… a lot of stuff swirling around in my heart right now and Kismuth wants to stay there, play with it, feel the feelings. Appropriately; slowly. With gestures that are not unkind, and also: soft.

I have so many people to be grateful to for helping me arrive.

Here, now.

Let’s begin, all over again.