Nostalgia Cà Phê

Introducing Nostalgia Cà Phê

About this story

Writing is all rewriting, as they say, and I am working with texts that have appeared already in print to make the set of stories work together in an arc that shares with you what it feels like to move through Hanoi, where I have been returning every so often over the past six years, to stop and take stock. Inevitably, the slow music that I sometimes get to hear or a breeze through the leaves or something in the way that people move will give me an impression. Hanoi, especially, has a particularity about it that likes itself: the details. The articulation of that which is poetic. I like this.

Read it on a lazy Sunday or download it for the plane: that’s what so many people say they like to do.

Parts of this book have already been published as the series Kismuth & The Way, in Charlotte, NC-based Saathee Magazine. Variations of those stories, and more, plus new graphics, and poems from DK’s e-mag S P A C E that tie in with the theme of love, relationships and nostalgia, are also included here.