Not participating

I think it’s probably a good time to write a thing, here. I have ‘blog less’ on my goals for 2021. Why? Because I prefer conversations, and blogging doesn’t work for that to happen, for me, anymore. Different from 2006, of course. I even got mail, in the post, in those days, from blogging things (in that instance, the character Naruto). Well, things have certainly devolved in the years since. Quality is erased and ‘fashionistas’ and ‘influencers’ and people who would really like you to tell them their ‘looks’ are worth complimenting are somehow everywhere. I lost interest, these days, in blogging. I don’t feel like participating in the stream. I don’t want to compete with them. ‘Glamour Labor’ is an issue of S P A C E coming into shape lately thanks in large part to good, emerging conversations with threads in the criss-crossed moments of real life, workshops, ateliers, Papers, and the Cojournal Project.

It’s good when it’s good, and I like to keep it simple. Not too simple, but just simple enough, as EC pointed out, recently, as a tip on this topic of co-creating and spacemaking for real and actual exchanges. I mean it’s the dialogue that I love, not the one-way blogging. So I opted out years ago, from the fame-chasing stuff. Spending time instead practicing my crafts. Writing, design, writing some more, but mostly: conversation spacemaking installations, which got better and better I think, in substance, wherever I did them, around the world.

More to say, more to share, more to make, more to do: but, quietly, in the innermost circles. I’ll email. Thanks. You know who you are.

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