Articles + Columns

Column, ‘Kismuth & The Way II’, for Saathee Magazine, Charlotte NC, 2024
– ‘Tea in the Morning’
– ‘Going Places’
– ‘The Scenic Route’

People Operations,’ a conversational interview with Wildlife Conservation Society Country HR Manager Chukwuemeka Chukwu, for S P A C E 2023

‘If we don’t know each other,‘ a Q&A with the former ambassador to Cambodia from Singapore, Michael Tan, for S P A C E, 2023

‘Making the News’, a Q&A with The Baker County Press Publisher Jessica Prevatt, for S P A C E, 2023

‘Talking Type’, a Q&A with typeface consultant Donny Truong, for S P A C E, 2022

Column ‘Kismuth & The Way’, for Saathee Magazine, Charlotte NC 2019

Kanishka, a series for Preet Lari Magazine, Chandigarh 2016, which was also published as an eBook (Kanishka / Kismuth Books / 2016)

‘The Death of Childhood,’ Dying Matters, UK 2015

‘The Truth of It’, a short story, was published in the anthology Sisters Born, Sisters Found and the Bay Area’s Noe Valley Voice, 2014

‘Understanding Regional Identity in the Face of Rapid Development,’ ThisBigCity.com 2014

‘To Thine Own Self Be True’, op-ed for Sikkim Observer, Gangtok 2013

Column, ‘The Village Report’, Northwest Asian Weekly, Seattle 2013-14

Column, ‘Just Being Honest’, Saathee Magazine, Charlotte NC 2013-14

‘Are we allowed to be creative?’, op-ed for ProcessedIdentity.com, Ottawa 2011

Column, ‘Ireland in the World Cup’, reported from Tokyo for Skibbereen’s Southern Star, 2002

‘Ireland’s Oldest Man,’ feature story, Cork Evening Echo, Cork 2002

‘Test Time for Universities,’ feature story, J@pan Inc, Tokyo 2002

Kohli’s freelance pieces have appeared in:

  • AbroadView
  • Irish Times
  • Irish American Post
  • India Today Plus
  • Metro Eireann
  • The Raleigh News & Observer
  • Rediff.com
  • Sikkim Observer
  • Spectator Magazine
  • Student Traveler
  • Southern Star
  • Tokyo Notice Board
  • Transitions Abroad, and
  • Durham NC’s Urban Hiker



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