Kismuth is a project of Dipika Kohli an author, graphic designer, conceptual artist and public speaker.

The aesthetic link between her different works has been: imaginative juxtapositions.

This creative concept has taken more than three decades of experimenting with myriad self-initiated projects to arrive at.

Here are some of her past works in the field of journalism and publishing.

Newspaper Editorships

Zines & Chapbooks

S P A C E | Brooklyn, ‘Art 4 Art’s Sake’


Dipika Kohli, pictured on S P A C E | Kuala Lumpur, ‘Prologues.’ This is Issue #50 of the weekly zine, made by DK and collaborators in an international conversation.

Magazine & Newspaper Columns


Book launch for Breakfast in Cambodia, 2016

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Hyperlocal creative nonfiction

This is This (2019)
This is This (2019)

Kohli writes today about people and place. But that’s not new. Ever since she’d first started making small books, printed out  on her father’s laser printer, using the cool and new thing at that time, Ventura Publishing, her writings were about the worlds of those who were right around her, in real life, in those moments.

For commissioned works later,, she’d write about, say, an Irishman at a bar in Roppongi commenting on the state of play in the World Cup, that year, when Ireland was part of it. Or a prizewinning horse trainer in the back country of southwest Ireland. Or a couple of students whose styles and rigor made her pitch a story about them to a business magazine in Japan.

Discovering the story, in the field, on the way, is how she explores her way towards new writings, short books and even art shows. More  at


Whether a conversation salon, art exhibition, popup workshop or an eBook, her work features a richness that comes only from staying in a place long enough to learn, at least a little, the vernacular.

*It was this last publication which was most intriguing to her because it showed and didn’t tell: it said, by showing up in the newsstands at The Regulator on Ninth Street, it said, by just being there in real life, it said the very thing that all zine-making and DIY publishing people have in their hearts. Which I’ll tell you, in a second.

We who do not fit the playbill, the script that says ‘these are the stories to push,’ we who don’t want to reconfigure or contort to conform, or change our names, this awesome cool thing: we can just do what we want ourselves.

Kohli wanted to support that idea, and so submitted a piece. ‘Midmorning Lakeshimmer’ was published in the Urban Hiker about twenty years ago. It was set by the lakeside of Udaipur in Rajasthan. It was about a real life conversation with someone over paranthas, about the meaning of life and movement. Honestly. Unfiltered, unscripted, agendaless, and without the programming that comes from conditioning designed to press you along into a cookie-cutter worldview.

We are malleable and thinking and changing people. We can learn and discover, together.


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