There is a lot of stuff to write, today, about what I’ve been reading. Check that. What I used to read.

Things from the past. School texts, absorbed and unquestioned.

Whole patterns that have been debunked; like ‘left-‘ and ‘right-brained’ people. Apparently that’s not a thing, now. Apparently, Pluto’s not a planet, bread is not a food group, and the idea that if you work really hard you can ‘make it’, well. Let’s leave that one alone, given ‘The System’. Et al.

Naturally, doubts have encroached.

On the validity of the expertises of some; the agendas of others.


Maybe this older person who told me to go and read things online, in obscure texts, got me started on questioning everything. Then I posted about ‘Farce Media’ on KismuthBooks, the FB page. It was funny until it wasn’t; fake news got real.

I feel like there are so many stories, from the past, that I read and believed. But now I don’t. 

Ever feel that way?

Just thinking out loud.

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