What people say about Kismuth Books

  • “I’m a quarter of the way in, and I’m already very pulled into the storyline. The book is very intricately detailed, and the story is beautifully unfolding. I am tickled to see my favorite places of North Carolina mentioned in such great detail, and the author’s love of language makes me want to pick up writing again!” –Anonymous review of The Elopement, on Kindle, 2012. 

  • ‘Your writing is extraordinary.’ —L, 2022
  • ‘… Laura McHale Holland has compiled an extremely varied thematic collection – with one thing in common despite the numerous perspectives: all the writers have strong voices. There is a lovely honesty in these pages which will force you to consider your ties and relationships with your own blood sisters and/or the sisters of your choosing… Other stand-out pieces for me were: The Truth of It by Dipika Kohli; Devora’s Changes, which is about the sadness of mental illness in the family, by Marie Judson Rosier; Hero, which is an intensely personal piece by Pamela Taeuffer; Safe to Dream by Lauren McHale Holland who is an excellent writer; and Nancy Pogue La Turner’s Sister, I Need You. –Amazon review of the anthology, Sisters Born, Sisters Found
  • ‘Somehow, Dipika folds you into her head and her world with ease, even in the most difficult of situations. Anyone who has ever judged another person in the throes of a difficult situation should read this book. She reminds us all of our humanity, and how easy it is to underestimate another’s pain with a beautiful description of a complicated time. Wonderful writing, vivid scene setting of the place. I was strapped in once the pregnancy began and barely came up for air.’ —Anne, a Kindle review on The Dive, 2012 

  • ‘What comes through the most is the personality of the author and truly feeling her perspective as she goes through this collage of beautiful and heartwarming(-breaking) incidents. The somewhat conversational style and the painterly touches of language really enrich what is already a non-traditional story of this type. The artistry of the language is matched only by the truthfulness to the emotional journey the author has been through. If you’re a fan of good travel writing, poetic prose, and personal essays/memoir of the type where the aesthetics of a scene are just as important as its recitation of events and their details, then you’ll love this book. Like me you’ll find yourself wishing to visit Ireland, India, and Japan all at once, if only to see your familiar spaces in a new light when you return home. I’m really looking forward to the next one!’ —Tim S., on a Kindle review of The Elopement, 2012

  • ‘Dipika is a[n] author who clearly has been writing for years. Her ability to illustrate a particular moment, object, or emotion is amazing. Her writing style is different than what I am accustomed to reading. Its almost poetic. As the reader you can expect to gain insight into the mind, heart and soul of a Woman who lives life passionately and purposely. Also, Dipika does a nice job at outlining the good and not so pretty reality of what it means to defy cultural norms.” —Anonymous, on a Kindle review of The Elopement, 2012

  • ‘This reads like a work of philosophy.’ —JK, on Breakfast in Cambodia, 2016

  • ‘I look forward greatly to reading anything by this Kamal di punjabi kurri. Please support her extraordinary journey through life and be rewarded!! ‘—Poonam Singh, Preetlarhi Magazine, 2015

  • ‘I loved it, Dipika. You and I are different in many ways. I am not sure we would fully agree on what and where we are. But we are also are the same. I really connected with Kanishka. Life, to me, is also all about connections among all of us, but also connections we make in our mind among events and happenstance, and the things we learn from their resonance. I’ve never had an experience anything like what you had when you lost Jaya, but I could feel it, and how it shaped the way you connect with the world, and how you connect it all in your consciousness. I really, really like your epilogue. Thanks…’ —Eric Frederick on Kanishka, 2015

  • ‘This book offers genuine insight into what it feels like to be a young woman who follows her heart around the globe rather than following the ‘shoulds.’ What it’s like to be a second generation Indian-American who steps outside the lines. And what it’s like to be a person crafting a life for herself on a narrow, winding and often confusing path, rather than sleepily following the broad highway paved by expectations and convention. It was definitely a unique page-turner. I enjoyed it thoroughly and I’m looking forward to the next instalment!’ —–KE, on The Elopement, 2012

  • ‘And while it might be possible to create one’s own destiny, the lesson we can learn from this book is that it is folly to try to create someone else’s.’ —Kate Allison, The Displaced Nation. Read the full review of The Elopement, 2012

  • The Dive is listed as a resource at this amazing website, A Heartbreaking Choice, which exists solely to support those who have terminated a much wanted pregnancy, 2012

  • This is a great book. I gulped it up end to end in a few hours, just could not stop. Dipika takes us through the struggles of her character Karin, her choices and their implications as she faces them in most disparate scenarios: the rustic town of cork, the deserts of rajasthan, streets of tokyo and suburbs of north carolina. A must read for anyone who enjoys traveling, or who wonders about second choices or simply if you want a good read. Very well done !” –V, on The Elopement, 2012