Revisiting the poetry of 1999

I had a remarkable and extraordinary few weeks, just now, where I am, here in the spaces of writing and thinking, but mostly, experiencing. Offline. I have a lot of people to thank for that, including but not limited to: T., P., and D. There are always those incredible things that happen when Kismuth goes on a journey. In this case, I’m still on one (‘still,’ right? Guess why, lol). But yeah. There’s been so much movement, and so much exploration, and the best part is that I think it’s almost happening naturally now that we go into it, deeply, and together. In S P A C E-like moments, when I find the kinds of people who will enjoy this kind of journeymaking, with me. Not everyone, of course. And sometimes, not even me… except for the fact that I get taken on them, occasionally. And that’s why the three people whom I’ve met where I was, until a few days ago, left such a great impression. Because they took me on a trip. And how.

A whole new sort of journey

I’m reflecting this week where I am, a different spot altogether, and going through the emotions that come up when you have that opportunity to sit quietly and look at it all, and smile, because you already know these memories are going to stay with you for a long, long while and that they, like what happened for me in 1999, will re-build you from the inside-out, like new tissues forming. I am grateful for the people on this trip, and for the new poems coming into quick shape (fresh, evolving, poetry about deeply connecting with another person, and sometimes cats!), and how that feels  to be able to collate in my moments of getting-the-time-to-do-that is quite nice.

Some new people have also helped me make this possible, by contributing to our crowdfunding campaign at S P A C E. I want to thank AD, especially. Writing with AD has been nothing short of extraordinary. I didn’t know I knew how to do the jam sessions in virtual spaces with people I have never met; then again, didn’t I already do that once, with Cojournaling? And again, with Mirror, and also, there was that other one, Slow Moment. I do not feel like turning Kismuth into one of those ‘buy my product’ sites, though, so I quit the workshop-making. For me, it’s just about the things I learn, where I go, and sharing sometimes, if and when I feel like it. Choosing this lifestyle works for me because I don’t have to have some ‘agenda’ that I have to work to. Nor do I have to cater or pander. I don’t have a specific ‘audience’. I just enjoy it. The moving, the changing, the chance encounters.

I’ve been delighted about these, lately. More is coming, but quietly, assuredly. Step. By. Step.

I forgot to thank the most important person of all! アキラ!…


My next project is to go way way back in time and remember the old stories. I’m currently revisiting my poetry from 1999. So fun. Let me do that… Ah, and this is going to bring me back to… Rajasthan. Way back in 1999. All of it, the journey, the memory, the dreams, the feelings and the explorations that began, all the way back then, and which set the foundations up for the person I am today. This is coming, next. The stuff of the first book I ever wrote… Flight of Pisces. A re-release? Let’s discover, if it’s right.