Difficult people are a buzzkill

Researching a pscyhology character’s profession, for a new commission.

The week included much reading, and now, I am learning about gaslighting, difficult people, narcissists, and sociopaths.

This came into my focus…

“A relationship with a person who has no regard for others and is using manipulation to selfishly gain advantages in the relationship should be ended immediately.

… and I wanted to share the full piece. Lachlan Brown‘s article: Here is the link..


Letting go


If you’re already in a manipulative relationship, it may be more difficult for you to pull away, as sensitive people often have a mixed bag of anger, loyalty, guilt, and insecurity tied up in these relationships. Barrie Davenport, at this post.

Both spell it out about the kinds of people you want to show to the EXIT in your life.

Do it ! It’s so great.



October 6, 2019