Probably the biggest thing that I’m working on this season is a set of zines on the topic, ‘Decolonization.’ With M, M, and A, in the cloud. For S P A C E. It’ll launch on 20 February at the Festival of the Photocopier. More about what that project is, over at DK’s website. Here’s a link:


Discussions about hard topics that have hitherto been shut out

Now it’s trendy to say ‘inclusive.’ and ‘Diversity officer,’ whatever the [deleted]


It’s a very wide and broad thing; also, incredibly absent from dialogues that we have when we are ‘in school’, supposedly being ‘educated.’ Where are the stories about people like me? This is why I started writing Kismuth, back in 2012 publishing things, of course, and also, I realize, why I prefer small publications and sharing stories about real people in places where I go—actually reporting, in the field, one conversation at a time. Day by day, learning how to gather stories that aren’t written with an agenda to ‘sell this book to middle-aged white women’. Of course that’s what I was dealing with when I pitched my books to people in the US. My ‘home’, or whatever, country [deleted], and that’s why I just went ahead and put things online. You could. So why not. I did.

I remember having a giant conversation about traditional publishing versus ‘what you’re doing, Dipika, which is like, so bold. I couldn’t do that, because I need the external validation. And you somehow…’


Where has this attitude led me?

Far away from the status quo.

In Vietnam [deleted]

And so yeah. I’ll write it. Next.

HT AAM. Let’s pick it up, where we left off? I’ll email you.

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February 15, 2021