S P A C E | Tokyo

Today was fun.

In my mind, I got to take a tour of Japan again. I got to talk about it, go there in my old reminisces, and share—in Japanese. This was fun. This was light. This, along with last night’s foray to a pub that honestly felt like another country, helped me get something I’ve very much needed, for a long time.

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Starts, restarts & Halloween

So that’s why, probably. That’s why, I mean, I’m really proud of this week’s issue of S P A C E, maybe because it feels… new and different. Which is what S P A C E asked others to make room for; me, I’m starting to be a little newer and little more different from the old stuff in S P A C E for 2017-2020 and also, well, Kismuth is also getting a teensy bit tweaked, too. Fewer people, less noisy, in the backchannel conversations around here. I love that there is an actual and real community, that it took tons of time to find that kind of level of discovery-making but hell, it was worth it.

All good things take time.

In our insta-gratification seeking world of now-me-me-now, there’s been something important missing, for me, for so long.

Discovering the art of waiting.

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