S P C | The 10 best articles I’ve read since outbreak’s escalation, care to add or comment?..

[Editors note]

OK. So this is a list-article I wrote, as I’ve been reading and discovering and learning and curating. Today, I am posting it in one of the emails that are going out to our virtual community, S P C.

Reason I’m not just posting it wildly into the public sphere is because more and more, I am finding that I value the smaller circle conversations far more. I’m hosting a virtual ‘mini party’ tonight, for example, for my closest friends and colleagues in S P C.

Quietly. Smallishly.

These kinds of things are valuable to me because they come out of care, and time, and connexion of the variety that I most cherish. I use the word ‘cherish’ here, it’s a nod to something I got from someone I’ve invited today for that party thing, who is in our virtual community because of showing up and being there and contributing and starting conversations and initiating things, which are great (and I appreciate that, and yes, I was reading, closely, and of course I want to write more soon. I will. In that thing. That we started.)

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