‘To thine own self be true’

JOIN the unique reflection workshop SELF to get insight on the inner motivations that are moving you towards your goals, your dreams, and your heart’s desires.

SELF is a 12-week online workshop.

It is designed to walk you through gentle, guided writing prompts once a week. Through this work, you will discover who it is you really are, and what’s most important to you.

You will:

  • look at past moments that were significant,
  • recall the people who’ve mattered most,
  • reflect on why,
  • engage in 1:1 conversation on email about your emerging themes,
  • refine these to name a 5-word ‘concept’ of you.

Each worksheet can be replied to asynchronously, in the flow and pace that works best for you. Each week’s worksheet is designs to be complete-able within 20 minutes. So, for the 8-week course, that’s 8 x 20 = 160 minutes. Less than three hours could change your life.


WHO. Kismuth Books is collaborating with Design Kompany, a brand design studio that started in Seattle in 2005 and has worked with more than 500 people in N. America, Asia, and Europe.

The idea is to combine DK’s skills in opening a space for an honest conversation about ‘concept of self’ with writing and reflection, which we work on here through memoir and sharing with people in online forum spaces.

What’s genuinely authentic is the core of quality SELF work: finding it out gently, then expressing it honestly, this was the skill our commissions for a decade hinged on. Now, with this workshop, SELF, we can offer the same service over distance and online. It is a streamlined, short-form and interactive conversation space that draws heavily from our past experience in person. The big work for us so far has been to get good at discovering how different people engage, connect, and ultimately, share. SELF was developed as part of an experiential learning program at Stanford University in 2014. It has been offered online as this eWorkshop for select candidates who are going through transitions or periods of deep reflection, by invitation only, since.



  • APPLICATION. Go here for the application.
  • REGISTRATION. Selected candidates will be invited to register.
  • WORKSHOP. 12 SELF prompts on Mondays to follow, posted weekly at 7AM USEST.


Walk away with a 5-word phrase that spells out your clear, unique concept of self.

Why is this important? You might find out, through exploration, that what matters to you deep down has nothing to do with what other people expect of you. For more about what people say they regretted not doing in their lives, read ‘Top 5 Regrets of the Dying’.)


WHO SHOULD APPLY. If you are in a period of limbo, if you are in transition, if you have just come out of something or are about to head into a new phase, SELF is a good course for you. If you have been through some difficulty or a change, or something has pushed you to question your own goals, vision, mission and values, then SELF is an excellent tool. If you are questioning the goals and methods that you have or are using, then SELF is ideal. Re-evaluate and confirm your personal values are aligned with what you are doing and making at work. Everything to come for you will start with this: clarifying SELF.

CHALLENGE. It’s not a simple journey, this work of looking within. But the outline and design to make space to reflect is very much a simple method. Doing the work is up to you. Sometimes doing the work of looking inwards can be easier when framed in this way, through questions, and questions that come from, say, someone that isn’t close to you.

Someone who isn’t going to have a judgment about how you answer.

Someone whom you might not ever meet in real life.

What if you could find a space for a conversation that was happening, but didn’t involve oversharing, or having to divulge a lot of details about the self, because it was set up, designed you could say, to be more or less a space for you, as the person playing the game, to spend time talking with mostly, yourself. What might you discover? Design Kompany has worked with more than 500 clients in Europe, Asia, and both coasts of N. America to develop this hands-on toolkit of ways and means to discover the essence of you.

What people are saying

HERE ARE A FEW testimonials from past Kismuth x DK online programs.

  • Thanks for the support! Wouldn’t be doing this without you. —JP
  • Warmest thanks for your relentless spark. —EM
  • These new “twists” on life, I believe, have come as a result of participating in this wonderful group, reading and sharing one another’s precious details of life. Thank you again! —HY
  • There is indeed something special and motivating about knowing that someone is listening to you and will probably respond soon. —CE
  • I have felt that my writing has grown and that this has been an overall positive experience for me. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s writing and I’ve enjoyed sharing my own on this great platform. —LP
  • It’s a unique project and it’s pretty special. If you’ve been looking for some structure or accountability in your writing—and supportive community in very small groups, this could be for you… a compassionate leader… offers some accessible assignments that are helping to shift my writing lens. I love it. —MH
  • Warmly recommend it. –SG
  • Talking to you is really helping me process, because you’re someone else, and usually I get so focused on what I think about things I lose the perspective of an outside opinion. This is raising a lot of new questions for me, too…
  • I feel more aware. —EKV
  • Meeting you motivated me more to do what I wanna really do and kick some a**… Thank you, DK! —JH

Program goals

RATHER THAN WORKING alone on these big and important pursuits, what if you had a small group of others who would ambiently hold you accountable, by also being there, virtually, working through the same questions week to week, and sharing responses as we go? What if you really made time for the next 12 weeks to carve a space to focus on you? Through writing as a way towards reflection. Even better, what if that could be a shared experience? SELF makes exactly that kind of a space. People have said: ‘This was something that I could never have expected, but it was refreshing.


Do I need previous writing experience?


Is there an application?

Yes. Here’s where to apply: http://designkompany.com/apply

Is this going to be confidential?

Yes. Everything you share will be deleted at the close of the 12-week program, never to be retrieved by us or shared with anyone else.

How many people will be taking part?

No more than 4.

‘When does this start?’


‘Yes! I am interested! How can I register? Is there a fee?

Scroll down to see how to make a payment to confirm your registration.


‘WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU, DK?’ Well, this is a great question. From talking with so many people, we have seen that busyness is overvalued and time for self-reflection is undervalued. Yet while our modern lifestyles drive us to think that working constantly is somehow the norm, we very seldom find time to permit ourselves space and time to reflect on what our work is really for. The books we’ve read, the questions we’ve fielded, the learning from 10 years of writing, thinking, collaborating, and hosting space for real reflection in the big work of designing a life or the image of self you want to share with the world… there’s so much to share from. And we want to share it. Because we’ve seen people really enjoy it, change, and then, tell us how much they’ve appreciate it.

How to apply

Contact for details through the form on this page