Sharing as I go

The whole beauty of having a blog with passcodes is that you can easily share and also edit the words so you don’t have an annoying array of versions of Microsoft word docs going around and around in weird places, like all over email, and goodness knows, I hate that. I had an editor once that pretty much snapped at me over email for sending a draft over that wasn’t a Word doc, and that was annoying because I’m kind of known by my friends as someone who has ‘a tech touch.’ So of course I use blog posts and passcodes and comments and ‘reply comment notification’ plugins when that is appropriate, and dropbox papers… threads and stuff like that…instead of 1980s fashion email with Word docs. I have word now. But gosh, it’s so cumbersome. Why can’t it just be plain and easy to use? What’s up with Excel, too, by the way? I can’t stand it. I hate all the different layers and features and buttons and stuff. This is almost as irritating as trying to fill out US tax forms, or figure out how to vote from abroad.

But my editor? Yeah. We still talk and I respect his work, and grit, to be honest. I think we have a healthy mutual tolerance for each other’s weird stuff. After that outburst on email, though, I was direct and honest. I’d told him about my thoughts on that, risking the relationship. I said it like it was. I said how I was working off a cracked iPad on the road in Bangkok with no real idea of when or where I would ever have a proper desktop or office, again. Not a laptop. Barely getting wifi. Water coming through the roof. Not kidding. So, could he be a little nicer, please. He was apologetic, and to his credit, showed some actual compassion. We got to calling on the phone after that and working out our differences. Better.

The work is the work. Let me get to work, so.

‘So.’ Put that there, since I am writing about Ireland, like. Ooh. There is my Cork accent.

I just shared the link to ‘End of the Rainbow: Prologue’ with one of my most critical fans. I am so happy today, to have gotten to this place, of sharing as I go. In-progress works are fun to talk about in real time, but that’s not how most people write, I guess. Then again, I don’t write for the reasons most people write. I write to relate. Which is the whole everything of all my stuff, anyways. It feels good to realize all this, suddenly, here in the place where I am. Somewhere in Vietnam, still here, still at it, gathering us. In small circles, one designful moment at a time.

Going to categorize these in-progress pieces, and notes about how it’s going. Naturally. For me it’s not the end of it that matters. It’s the journey. This wonderful reminder happened when a lady walked by me and gave me the most beatific smile. I was so happy to receive it; it’s rare, when you’re these stranger in a strange land to be welcomed in that very open, way. And her suitcase, I saw it, as she rolled it by. It said: Life is a journey not a destination. I have that quote somewhere from my middle school years; I had collaged it, I think, or maybe I just wrote it into my frilly script that I am seriously considering trying to make into a typeface, sometime. I have time. Why not. Meantime though let me write this book. And document its progress. I’m that kind of a person.

To be continued, in the innermost circles.