I’m not sure where to put the piece I want to publish, soonishly, about post post modernism, the Society of the Spectacle, and social sustainability.

All of these are thinky-thinky things and I don’t want to get too lost in the vocabularies without finding ways to build something new, out of all this theorizing. I also think it might be time to take Kismuth’s online collections and highlight segments of the best of pieces, the ones that, for example, people would recall to me later in person and tell me really moved them or helped them through a thing. And print it.

Print, I mean like really print. First time I ever wanted to bring something out on paper; but I think with 10 years’ exploring and verifying, confirming and re-assuring myself that the things I wanted to say before are still true now… it might be a good time.

What do you think about that?

Shall I try it?

Short and sweet

Paper book. I mean, like an anthology or something, with highlights only. So, you know, it’s short.



June 15, 2021