‘Slow Moment’ | Register to be included

12 prompts, sent daily, from 31 March. Use them for reflection, and connection, with other guests participating, too.

Photo: Dipika Kohli / AIR Frosterus, Northern Finland August 2018

About this Event

TWELVE DAYS OF SLOW MOMENTS. Slow down. Share your words. Discover others doing the same. Here’s how it works. You will receive an email prompt daily, inviting you to discover something within your world, right where you are. These prompts were shared and worked beautifully for the ‘Slow Moment’ 2018 cohort, and we’ll be using them again here. Things kick off with the first prompt on Tuesday 31 March. Registration window is for a limited time only.

WHO IS IT FOR. People who are ready to take a challenge, go slow, and look deeply, within, and without. For learning, connection, and discovery. If that sounds ‘too hard’ or ‘like it’s going to take too much time,’ then this is not the course for you. Says the host and designer of this project, A. Spaice, ‘I am looking for people who want to try a new approach to learning, together, in the cloud. I just wrote a post about this? Check out virtual communities.’

Advance bookings only. Ages 21+. Max 6.

Registration required. Here’s a link.