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In 2017 we are closing a few online conversations and opening other ones. The first of these kicked off on 5 June in something called THE VILLAGE. On 11 July we will open the doors again for a new cohort in that same stream, where we talk together in small circles about work, life and family. If you want to read more about this project (self reflection through writing, something we have been calling THE COJOURNAL since it started in very small circles in 2014), check out the details of 11 July 2017’s start date at this page >

NEW CIRCLES. Combining our efforts in gathering people for online conversations that go places with Design Kompany, lately. If you are interested in staying connected, kindly add your name to A little S P A C E . You’ll get an orientation from there, in a short email sequence, of our new directions in ‘co-publishing.’ Join that conversation when you go here…