Step a Little Closer

A new short story collection

Strange times we’re in.

Many shifts, around here.

Far fewer conversations, for one.

Less meeting in real life.

I thought about it a lot and met with a few acquaintances, here and there, over the last few years. Some of them in Bangkok. Whenever I came to this city, which is where I am writing from today, I seem to have had some moments of insight or breakthrough. Others, too, are asking these same questions. Why is it so hard to talk to people now? Where are we headed, as a species? What is the point of things? Does my life mean anything? Does anything mean anything? What should I be doing? Not doing? 

Giant existential questions and yeah, reasons for this abound.

I reflected on this. And rounded up some of my favorite conversations, with say, these kinds of people… A guy at the airport who used to be a life coach, giving me (solicited) advice over teas. Very good stuff. A doctor I went to see for a checkup, and what he told me about the reason he can relate deeply to so many patients). A breakup with a former friend? A weird, dark conversation with me and a total stranger about narcissists, that took place in a bar mere steps (and minutes) after we met (I interrupted his noodle-consuming moment in front of a convenience store because I was befuddled by a narcissist). So much happens in this city that you wouldn’t expect, but maybe that’s because I always come here looking for a new story? I think so. Even now, this trip I’m on this week, has itself been beautifully rich. I think, too, I’m starting to get to know Bangkok better. Moving past that early stage of ‘who are we to one another.’ I think it’s time to write about it, now. Finally sharing. Finally fleshing out the bones of the thing that has been hanging around in various sketches, forms, and occasionally published *bits*. Why ? Because sometimes you move from acquaintanceship to something… more.

STEP A LITTLE CLOSER. My short new book, set here in BKK?

It’s called ‘Step a Little Closer.’

if you know me, then you also know this has been a long time coming: I’m lightening up. For once. ;)

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