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Let’s talk about Third Places

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‘The purpose and intention of your actions and your words’

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‘Journaling provides clarity’

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August Cojournal | Syllabus

Ten days to pre-order ‘Solitude’

Of ‘Utopia’?

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2 & 9 August | Cojournal Project

Zining ‘Solitude’

Wikihow | ‘How to tell if you were emotionally abused by your parents’


Dear K

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August Cojournal | Apply now

S P A C E | ‘Aperture of Attention’

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Why I make S P A C E


Link | ‘How are you coping in Vietnam, Dipika?’

5 July | Half-month Cojournal

This is why

‘Farther than ever before’


The end of waiting


Making S P A C E this year starts with this

S P A C E | ‘Decolonization’

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Protected: ‘How did you go bankrupt? Gradually then suddenly.’

Boring AF

The Book of Feelings II

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