I made a new mailing list for 2023. It’s called #landsonthemoon.

The signup page is here:




I like writing to people but I prefer writing to people who are really interested in conversations, with me and others whose paths they might not have crossed. I know there are myriad ways to get that need met if you are someone who loves new input, as I do, but for me, Kismuth conversations, and DK’s S P A C E ones are the best because we get to making something together. Maybe a zine, maybe an art piece that’s a curated set of others’ musings, as we write and discover things together. Talking is nice.

Traveling is fine. But making meaningful connections isn’t easy. So I’m getting us together online, for that.


Next for me is to interconnect those people with whom I’ve developed rich relationships. Many of them I’ve met on my travels in these years in Southeast Asia and Northern Europe since I left the United States for the third time, 10 years ago. Was trying to make popup shows, on the road. Hit and miss, this effort.

I am going to focus in on something I have been doing since 2014: interconnecting people online, through my ways of doing that. Hosting. This has been fun. Kismuth’s Cojournal Project, for example, led to real life connexions that were born of the experiment to talk together in online circles of 4 or fewer. The Jigsaw Method that I was part of in fifth grade and also various aspects of Open Space Technology, which I learned about in 2014, helped me think up a way to get people together asynchronously over emails alone in those early days. Things grew and changed, but I’ve backwards innovated to get back to the plain ol’ email space for connecting for Cojournal, because it works.


Zines, Podcast

Let me try to keep this going on building meaningful, conversational spaces online. Also, in real life where I am, when I feel interested enough in doing that again. It’s going to take some time. I have been enjoying, meantime, making the first few episodes of a podcast. It’s at dipikakohli.com.

ZINES. The invitation is always there to co-create zines, with me and others too, for as long as I keep #spacethezine going. If you want to see what projects I’m running online and that you can join in, currently, see the #spacethezine crowdfunding page.┬áThat link is:



100 Conversations

Kismuth Connexion