Cojournal is a weekly project that I sometimes make ‘live.’ I have about ten years’ worth of writing prompts, which I curate for the project based on what comes up for applicants. We talk. We talk together. We relax and connect. Sometimes it is very good. Sometimes we are quiet. Both ways are fine; it’s an ambient connectivity.

Anyone can apply. No fee to apply.


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The Cojournal Project


‘Identity can be merely a costume’

So true, with internet taking over our mind space and people unable to distinguish what’s you according to you, and what they think of you being so it fits their ideas of you, ie, you according to them.

I was reading about this phenomenon today over here.

When someone labels you for you and then expects you to conform to their idea of you, it’s quite disrespectful. Right?





Since 2017, I have been making a weekly e-mag, S P A C E.

The idea used to be way bigger, but due to the realities of situations, circumstances, and misunderstandings as I ventured through Northern Europe and around Southeast Asia, so many things changed in shape. I put pictures of the Atelier S P A C E travels at this page:

This year, I’d like to keep it very simple and low-key. No more traveling around. For reasons we all can probably relate to. But yeah. If you want to travel through the process of zinemaking with S P A C E now, I won’t be going to your city, but instead, offer a virtual opportunity.

Be a star of your own issue of S P A C E. Apply here: Fees apply. Scholarships available. Made possible through crowdfunding. Thanks.