It’s nice to be writing a column, Kismuth & The Way II, for Saathee Magazine. The first series ran for a time and then the pandemic hit. I resumed the column this year, to gather a few new pieces, mostly tiny vignettes about everyday life in Cambodia. Where I live. It’s a long story.

More about that, soon.

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Writing a column again


To more conversations of the shape that makes us feel more interconnected, then, for 2024! Happy New Year.


‘Wherever you go, there you are’


The Mirror

A conversation in an asynchronous, international circle of guests (no more than 4). We’ll talk together about the topics that emerge, starting from the point of application when you get in touch with me to tell me what you’d like to explore.

In the past there have been a series of Mirror reflection series on topics like, ‘Strengthfinding’ (2023), ‘Slow Moment’ (2018), and ‘A Nomadic Existence (2014). The idea is that we can discover a theme that the group feels is unique and curious, and I will create writing prompts and host the dialogues (on email, and the occasional group Zoom voice call for those who opt-in), to explore it. We’ve created an anthology, ‘The Mirror’, from the writings of some of the guests in the 2014 cohort. You’ll receive an eCopy of it when you register for The Mirror.

First, let’s see if we’re a fit. Apply to start a conversation.

Here’s a link.


Zine Launch

After much anticipation on the part of Kismuth, we’re ready to announce that the zines from the collections ‘Lands on the Moon’ are ready to share in real life. This will be at a zine party set to take place at a secret venue in Phnom Penh. The idea is to keep an atmosphere of comfort and conviviality, not too big, not too small, but just right. Come with your own zines or stories to tell, and we’ll listen to each other on the day. Your ticket comes with a copy of the zine ‘Belonging,’ pictured here. Tickets are USD7 at the door. RSVP requested. Location details to be shared from there. RSVP here



End of the Rainbow (2020)

My first book, The Elopement, was about running off to Ireland to get married. Kind of. I didn’t mean to run off, and I didn’t mean to get married. Lots of things happen in the course of, well, youth. Next year marks the 20-year anniversary of the events in that book’s main story, and I wanted to write a follow-up one. Its working title is End of the Rainbow.  


Order End of the Rainbow


Breakfast in Cambodia (2016)

Breakfast in Cambodia is a true story of disconnecting from life in a rich, Western country for one year on ‘the road’ in south and southeast Asia. Of landing in Phnom Penh, and reinventing a sense of self. What solitude, time, distance and quiet space can teach us about our innermost selves is the heart of this story, to me. I really think this next thing. I believe this. That in our modern world, the village is one to which we all belong—as humanity. There is a quiet, strong, ancient village that dates back centuries. It’s ours. It’s beautiful. And it belongs to all of us.

Order Breakfast in Cambodia — $15

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The Mirror

Update: July, 2023



It’s a place to talk. Mostly, 1:0, which means, solitude and space are good to have access to for this to make the best of it. Carve out some time fo yourself. Use the prompts you’ll get every week to get into the conversations that help you see what really matters.

I created these prompts from 20 years’ conversations with many people who have different learning styles, as well as some career work in journalism and brand identity design. Those were where I learned to ask questions that get us talking much more in detail about things, not so generally. After some time, in rich exchanges, you can uncover something cool. That you can only get to if you get into reflection. For real, not just talking about it. Doing it.

This is the place for you to explore and experience my way of finding things out, through writing, if you want to.

It’s a workshop that you cans hare your responses with me, through. At the end, I’ll send you a 1-page mini report which encapsulates what I heard you say. Some people have told me this is the most important piece of the workshop, for them. Seeing everything that they told me getting shared back, in a succinct way. Perhaps with some extra pieces to it, things to go and try, from there.


What is it?

This is what I offer, in The Mirror.

Eight prompts.

Over 8 weeks.

Its goal is to help you arrive at the center of this one important question:

‘What is it that I value? Truly, deeply, and that I decided was important to me.’

Discover it. The cost is USD160 for 8 weeks.

There is no fee to apply.

Apply here.

Selected candidates will be invited to register.