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Sharing ideas, celebrating quality, and continuing to inquire. Together. I care. About those things. That’s Kismuth. That’s DK. That’s me. Letting go, lately, of the things that get in the way of these goals. Who cares if everyone ‘likes’ it? I like it, and that’s good enough. Issue #81 celebrates that exact attitude. I met DN. […]

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Wrote about it! My closest collaborator in S P A C E, Michael Bridgett, Jr., and I talked in the cloud and got this issue organized. It’s called ‘Continuous Partial…’ Hang on. Right, okay, found it. S P C | Sài Gòn, ‘Continuous Partial Attention’ Here’s a link. https://designkompany.com/issue-80/ Thanks! &nbsp Loading…

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A new book | ‘Nostalgia Cà Phê’

This book is the result of half a dozen trips to Việt Nam, and the conversations that emerged when I was, or wasn’t, looking, and the composite feeling of being-there, and being-there in those moments, of quality connection, deep feeling, and exchanges that came because we were all in the right mood for it. Sometimes […]

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