This summer, I’m starting a new theme for my weekly e-mag, S P A C E.

The theme is ‘A Change of Perspective.’

Find out more about S P A C E at my personal site,, and also at my design studio,

I send the zine out by email once a week, every week, and the seasonal sets are 12 issues each.

That’s a lot of links but here are some more. The shop is at and the crowdfunding page, just updated, at



D. Olah

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A change of perspective


Zine Launch

After much anticipation on the part of Kismuth, we’re ready to announce that the zines from the collections ‘Lands on the Moon’ are ready to share in real life. This will be at a zine party set to take place at a secret venue in Phnom Penh. The idea is to keep an atmosphere of comfort and conviviality, not too big, not too small, but just right. Come with your own zines or stories to tell, and we’ll listen to each other on the day. Your ticket comes with a copy of the zine ‘Belonging,’ pictured here. Tickets are USD7 at the door. RSVP requested. Location details to be shared from there. RSVP here