The Cojournal Project is for those interested in making space for writing, together, in small circles of no more than 4. Why? Because it’s easy to write 1:N, on social media, but harder to cultivate, nurture, and grow a real relationship over time. One that progresses and changes, and builds on itself. I have personally enjoyed hosting more than a dozen of these small circles, for lengths of time ranging from two weeks to ten years; it’s the art of conversation that brings us together and inspires us to stay connected, nothing more, nothing less. Writing and loving writing helps, of course, and reflection as an important tool for each of us, individually, too. This matters as we build our next, post-pandemic communication channels, I feel, and opt into quality, over quantity. Personal opinion there.

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Reflective writing, and a small writing circle to share in



More about the project is here.


Reflective writing prompts and a small circle of people to write with


Let’s get started. Application is at the end of this page. There’s more to say, after that.


Writing with others, writing for ourselves


As much as I like writing in solitude, sometimes it’s fun to have accountability partners. There are a handful of people, and interestingly, they are all in very different cultural contexts, in exactly three points on the globe, who, thankfully, I know I can always reach out to if I’m in a pinch or just curious and we have that accountability vibe thing going.

These are folks that I know I can ask, ‘Hey what do you think about this thing I just wrote?’ and very likely hear back within a day or two. This back-and-forth is reminiscent of pre-internet dialogues where the time between replies is almost instant like you’re talking, face to face. I missed that and I’ve also enjoyed having the digital version with my handful of writing friends in the cloud. It means that we can keep building and sharing over the years (yes, years, now, it’s been 4 in one case and 9 in another), to see how we’re growing and changing. I did try some short-burst online cojournaling projects because I got some feedback in 2018 that this would be handy, but honestly, I like the long-term relationships much, much more. Go figure.

But everything starts somewhere, and it’s usually: the invitation. Here are some start dates for July cojournaling:

I’m glad to be doing this again. It was 2014 when I first started emailing writing prompts to those who were interested in writing together with me and up to 2 other people in very small circles. We wrote, we wrote back to each other.

There was a conviviality.

If you want to experience it, I have already arranged the writing prompts and we are on our way with the first cohort.

My hope is that those who show up to share and write will care about tracing an arc of developing over some period of time. It’s up to you how long you want to be part of it, the fees are weekly, so we just go and then we go and you can join as long as I’m still going, or leave when you feel ready.

New cohorts are scheduled to start on the days highlighted above. So, Wednesdays, primarily, in July. Be a part of it. Application required. Find out more at this link:


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July start dates for the Cojournal


Settled in for a good writing session this morning, here I am. The lovely morning unfolds in a cool way, the traffic’s still light, and it’s good. The mood is one of discovery. Serendipity and chance encounters used to be the way I found new things, but now it’s different. Pandemically adjusted, here I am. I got good news, yesterday, and am still glowing. Life is relaxed and cozy.

Writing the cojournal prompts for guests and friends who, over the years, have become my internet community, feels like a good agenda for me this morning. Be a part of it [$], here are details.

The Cojournal – A place to write with others

I’ll get started, then.

Working on the work, today.


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Cojournal 2024 | A new story begins


Another cojournal. Another set of conversations. One week at a time, over email, in very small circles of 3-4. More info >


Cojournal Project



Join me and a few others in the Kismuth and S P A C E online conversation spaces for the new 12-week ‘MIRROR’ project. Reflection and writing. Together, in online forums and over email 1:1 with me.

How did this topic arise? I’m a fan of the Open Space method, which gets people together to talk about things that interest them.

Some titles from the last ten years that pop to mind as I reminisce on this include: Gather: What does it mean to have Community, Origin: ‘What is fromness?’, Rooftop Philosophy in Phnom Penh, Beauty: What is it? Who gets to decide?, Aether: Is the Medium Still the Message?, and you see what I mean? Quite esoteric, but it gets real and cool when we make time to show up, and talk, together, about what it is that intrigues and invites those who might not know one another to discover together on a theme. Dialogue is that style that has a center and not sides, for me, when I host these things.

The one that I had held last week in virtual space was themed ‘A Change of Perspective.’ Through a series of fascinating exchanges, I got to see that there is an even more specific topic we could zero in on. True to Open Space style, I’ve allocated another spot to dive deeper into this topic. It is ‘A World Apart.’

Asing questions: An online reflection space for the very curious

Some of us are far, far away from what we thought we knew, and are on the road ‘indefinitely.’ In these places, on these journeys, we meet and talk. Sometimes we share. I’m looing forward to the next set of online conversations for this series, and I invite you to be part of the Cojournal, ‘A World Apart,’ if you are interested in engaging with us in a written way. That’s also a way to discover, and co-discover, what we don’t know.

Apply at this link…


Participation fees start at USD10/week, (USD7/week for returning guests.)


The Mirror | ‘A World Apart’



Thanks for following this blog. There are a few people who have asked me to keep writing it, so here I am.

Additionally, these days I’ve been writing a monthly column. It’s called Kismuth & The Way II. If you know about this column and you know about Kismuth and you are reading here, thank you. I wanted to share this issue before it gets published next month, for some people who might enjoy it and want to get it first. Perhaps that’s you? Welcome.  I invite you to read ‘Pathways.’ It’s a short PDF, and it’s in the S P A C E shop. It’s $5.

Here is a link.


Writing is all rewriting, and so on, and so forth

For context, see this post at my personal site, too. I’ve been making the weekly e-mag S P A C E since 2017.


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Kismuth & The Way


A story about a little time and a little space, that was the goal of writing Solitude. There is some confusion, I feel, around the value of solitude, owing to an online culture of ‘feed me info’ or ‘entertainme’ or ‘infotainment’ or even just people being unable to do the big-deal thing of ‘sitting quietly alone in a room.’ Referring to this:

Blaise Pascal — ‘All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.’






“When I sit down to write a book, I do not say to myself, ‘I am going to produce a work of art.’ I write it because there is some lie that I want to expose, some fact to which I want to draw attention, and my initial concern is to get a hearing.”
—George Orwell

There is a lot to say about how one falls into a life of writing and the purpose of our writing, besides. I’ve shared my own “why” for writing this week in the zine, S P A C E. When we write, why do we write? This was the topic for the issue,  S P A C E | ‘Something to Write Home About.’ More about my zine is at the crowdfunding page for it, and also, in the shop.

A quiet writing day




Here is my column this month, in Saathee.


Trust the Process

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Trust the Process



It’s nice to be writing a column, Kismuth & The Way II, for Saathee Magazine. The first series ran for a time and then the pandemic hit. I resumed the column this year, to gather a few new pieces, mostly tiny vignettes about everyday life in Cambodia. Where I live. It’s a long story.

More about that, soon.

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Writing a column again


To more conversations of the shape that makes us feel more interconnected, then, for 2024! Happy New Year.


‘Wherever you go, there you are’

100 Conversations


These days I’m making small format zines. A5.

I’m publishing them here where I live and distributing them, too, through a local cafe outlet. This is new for me since most of the work from the Atelier S P A C E teams was online work. We collaborated in the cloud. We published there, too. Conversing and talking and connecting and making zines. A new issue, every week.

The new projects are coming into shape for winter. One is the series, Winter 2023/24, ‘An Ecology of the Moment’.

This issue, ‘If we don’t know each other,’ is one of them.

The beginning of that story is online. It’s at’t-know-each-other