100 Conversations


These days I’m making small format zines. A5.

I’m publishing them here where I live and distributing them, too, through a local cafe outlet. This is new for me since most of the work from the Atelier S P A C E teams was online work. We collaborated in the cloud. We published there, too. Conversing and talking and connecting and making zines. A new issue, every week.

The new projects are coming into shape for winter. One is the series, Winter 2023/24, ‘An Ecology of the Moment’.

This issue, ‘If we don’t know each other,’ is one of them.

The beginning of that story is online. It’s at dipikakohli.com/if-we-don’t-know-each-other



An Ecology of the Moment

Atelier S P A C E | Virtual

Be part of the S P A C E-making editorial conversation. It’s fun, light, and informal. See how it all works, in real-time, interactive, hands-on zinemaking sessions. Choose any three Tuesdays in December or January to be part of making the series, S P A C E | Winter 2023/24 collection.