In the cloud (which I’ve been in since 2013, since I usually collaborate remotely with very creative people all around the world), I’m making stuff. Why the cloud? Why this long? Well! I am based far from anywhere familiar, and have been in a timeblock continuously starting in April 2013).

Discussion is going on in ‘Papers’.

Whereby I got ‘digitally transformed’ rather early on, by necessity. See, I didn’t want to quit making things, but I didn’t want to stop moving around, either. I wanted to only work with a very few, too, people whose work I respect, in short. People whose work I respect and who stay the course are the ones I then invite to make S P A C E with me. Every week.

A year in Vietnam

Yeah. I’m making S P A C E. A weekly e-mag. This week’s issue is bilingual. I’ve had to pick up (basic, very basic, mind you) Vietnamese. But I’m really enjoying Vietnamese. It’s like math. You just add a word, and it’s suddenly a ‘minus’ sign. Or you use basic constructions and sentences are done. No having to learn tons of writing systems like with Japanese in the 1990s. Nope! Just get that pronunciation down pat and you’re on your way. Seriously. I didn’t believe it when I read that on forums, ‘Get the pronunciation, learn it, it’s not that hard once you get it. Make an effort.’ I was like, OMG though it’s so harrrddd. But you know what? So is riding a bicycle, at first.

I feel like I’m only just now, 1 year in, getting immersed enough to pick up on how, when I hear a word, I can visualize its spelling, with the proper markings. A good place to be, for that kind of attempt at, ‘I’m gonna learn this language!’ WB, a strategy consultant with gray hair who did a trade with me for branding back in the day when I was into those kinds of things, told me, ‘90% of it is showing up.’ I marveled at this. It was right before AT, an intern I had just hired, was about to join our meeting. She came. He said this. I never forgot. It’s like that, sometimes. When things go that way. I was like, Huh. Maybe success is just a matter of persisting and going to the places you say you will and doing the things you say you’ll do.

‘90% of it is showing up’ and that… vibe.

It stuck.

You’ll see me use #ninetypercentofitis #showingup a lot on my DK// A. Spaice feed, instagram. Lol.

You know, I’m doing all right, considering everything. And my mother will probably talk about it proudly, and pretend it’s all her own achievement. As usual. Another reason I live very, very far away… It’s nice to be far from so much… narcissism. Read The Elopement for some early clues… 2001-ish. Mmmm.

Motivation is a choice

Discussion is going on in ‘Papers’.. Be a part of it when you sign up for info. Go to and follow the links for the details on how.

Sometimes I get motivated. Sometimes I quit. Sometimes I just take a break. Kind of like S P A C E—with this language learning thing, I’m just ploughing through the boring, tiring, waiting around until something works sorts of moments.

Most people quit early and leave because like my friend JE said, on a call after a decade of radio silence not because of anything other than Life happening to us, he said this: ‘Millennials don’t value experience.’ That was a nice way to say all the things I’ve been yelling about these people for a long time. I like when things grow, progress, deepen. You get to the good stuff, only then.

Still working on it.

Still caring about the ideas that led to making it, from the beginning, in 2017. Atelier S P A C E. And S P A C E the zine. Next is this: Outer S P A C E:.

Discovery. Design.

It’s something I started to discover more, about my own way of discovering, partly, but also, inventing methods of uncovering that which I find interesting. It was 2017 that felt like a good start for it, because I wanted ‘something new’. The newness and the search for it was what led to expansion in many new dimensions.

‘Do you love Vietnam?’ Vietnamese people ask me.

‘I don’t love any country! What the… haven’t you… J. Krishnamurthi, and that, stuff about divides, hello!?, and nationality bounds being one kind of them, no!, Nations. Pshaw!!! Okay, I love some people in some places! That’s all!!!’



‘Do you love to eat pho?’



Like attracts like, in many ways, and that’s probably why I’m still ‘away’. A pocket of distance, embedded side trip, from another trip, away from all my various homes. Ireland, Japan, those United States—these are places where for a time I had put down ‘roots’, though my roots have been loosely, lightly set. In water. Some of my [deleted], who are probably reading this have criticized me!, imagine!, but they are narcissists, so of course they would not like it if I struck out on my own, toting my own root, and removing myself from their waters. What if I kept going, too, and even planted into new soils, at times. I’ve been in Vietnam for a year, ladies and gentlemen. Alone.

This. Was. Not. The plan.

However, plans change.

And we have to adjust.

And in that readjusting and reminding the footing that centers you, at last, in the gravity-less ground that is of course S P A C E, well, there, you simply are, you exist, and by the by, you’ll find, if you’re lucky, others. To quest with. Or at least, to question. —Dipika Kohli. Yes. I’m actually attributing myself. [deleted] and then they can quit acting so damn entitled, you know?

Here we are then.

This week, this.

The Book of Feelings, part 2.

Make a little S P A C E

Things start with baby steps, of course, when it comes to co-publishing with me in S P A C E. See what’s what and check out the Cojournal Project at our crowdfunding page. Here’s a link.

Not. For. Everyone.


(That’s why it’s good.)

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February 5, 2021